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Changi City Point Shopping Mall

Has been working at Changi Business Park for about 6 months and we were longing for the opening of this new mall and finally the mall was officially open in mid November. Been visiting several times a week but I seldom took any photos of this mall to share. Finally, I grab the chance to go to the Changi City Point Mall with my family but was so forgetful that I brought my Canon 500D and my new toy – Canon 17-55mm f2.8 lense with my battery left at home charging. Thus, didn’t get to shoot those nice green garden and the roof top garden scenery as well as the water playground located at level 3 and level 2 respectively.

On the same day itself, we went back to the mall but at evening time. Most of the scenes that I mentioned above were not  able to captured due to darkness but I did able to capture this LED decoration at the mall which is quite scenic as the LED color keeps changing from time to time. Just to share some of the things which I shot during the evening trip:

Took this with Canon 17-55mm f.28 – focal length 17mm,  ISO 800, 1/20 sec, f2.8

Using same setting as above, took another shot to show the LED light is changing regularly

The fountains at the side entrance of Changi City Point Mall

From the 3rd photo above, you should have notice that the Expo MRT station is just beside the Changi City Point Mall. For those who are not living at the east, perhaps you might want to visit Frasers Centrepoint Mall website.  Okay, back to why we were there for the second time – our dinner on Saturday. We decided to go to food court at level 2 which is Koufu as there are more seats and tables available there. I was thinking that the water playground and the green garden will be very nice decorated with lighting and I was wrong. I am not able to see anything there as the light was quite dim. Went to Koufu and take our dinner there:

Koufu at level 2 of Changi City Point Mall

Cedric – the sick and naughty boy

My sick girl – no appetite to eat but interested in iPhone 4

We ordered dim sum, ban mian and also the roasted char siew and pork rice with soup for our dinner. Not really filling as we were sharing all the food and we ended with having dessert in the basement at the Hong Kong desert restaurant:

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Ordered 1 milk tea, 1 bowl sesame and almond paste

One advantage to go to this mall is that there isn’t a big crowd although it is a new mall and there is a big and wide space that kids can running without any danger. On top of that, there are many seats available where I can rest while observing my kids running here and there   without me have to chase after them.

Taken this at the basement where most of the kids are running on the carpeted area

We really love the mall and wish to visit as often as possible provided that there won’t be a big crowd there during weekends.


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